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SOJOE Grill Cleaning Set

Grill Wizard Brush

This Grill Wizard Brush is the best value available in grill brushes utilizing stainless steel woven mesh scrubbing pads. These woven mesh scrubber pads will clean your grill better than any other design. Brass Bristles clog and then after several uses become ineffective and the entire brush must be discarded. These Stainless Steel mesh pads are a safe alternative to course bristles for all grill types, except Teflon coatings.

Use the Wizard Grill Scrubber Brush on stainless steel grill grates, mild steel grill grates, porcelain grill grates or ceramic grill grates.

3.5 inch Replacement Scrubbers (2 pack)

Stock up on Replacement Scrubbies for the Grill Wizard BBQ Brush or the Tool Wizard Grill Brush. Replacing your scrubbies often makes cleaning your BBQ Grill a snap. These heavy-duty scrubbers quickly and easily scrub away grill build-up from even the dirtiest barbecue grills. Baked on grease and charcoal scrub off easily. No need for dangerous, toxic and corrosive chemical cleaners.

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Included with your firepit:

Sojoe Firepit Grill Cleaning SetSojoe Firepit Grill Cleaning SetSojoe Firepit Grill Cleaning Set

Set Includes: Grill Wizard Brush & Two Replacement Scrubbers